The Benefits of Organic Coconut Water Powder

If you consume commercial sports drinks to replenish your electrolytes during training, you may want to look elsewhere. By tapping into young, green, organic coconuts, manufacturers have been able to bottle up some of the most nutritious liquid in the world. Commercial sports drinks are sugar-laden, filled with corn syrup, artificial color, and flavors. They provide very little nutrition while only providing processed sugar as a source of replenishment.

When engaging in prolonged strenuous exercise replenishing your electrolytes not only prevents dehydration but also allows athletes to continue to perform at a higher level. Whether an elite athlete or a weekend warrior we all want to be able to perform at the best level we can individually. Why take the time and effort to get yourself in peak physical condition and then consume artificially colored sugar water? There are alternatives, and one great alternative that has become more and more popular recently has been coconut water.

Organic coconut water has easy to digest carbohydrates in the forms of various electrolytes and sugars. It also has more potassium, fewer calories, and less sodium than many available sports drinks. In addition to being a super hydrating liquid, it contains many enzymes that will help to boost your metabolism. You also do not have to worry about gaining weight since it’s a naturally cholesterol free and fat-free drink. For convenience, natural coconut water is sometimes dehydrated into a powder that is available to mix with water while on the go. These beautiful products have been named “Mother Nature’s sports drink” and are one of the best forms of plant-based hydration and nutrition out there.

The benefit of organic coconut water powder is that the nutrients from the coconut water are dehydrated when the coconuts are perfectly ripe. Nothing is added to maintain freshness or preserve taste. Many coconut glasses of water now are from concentrate, are pasteurized to preserve shelf life and have added ascorbic acid to maintain freshness. The powder is derived from certified organic coconuts and can be added to water, smoothies or even fruit salads to provide the nutritional benefits found in the coconut water. This flexibility also extends to transport.

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