Review – Pricing for Nintendo Revolution

While on my constant look for new Nintendo Revolution information, I found some write-ups hypothesizing the European launch day and also a price for Nintendo’s next-generation video gaming console. Naturally, this is only a “rumor,” as well as I have not confirmed the day, or the cost in any official capability.

Amazon France has slipped a web page with the European launch day and price for Nintendo’s great new video game console, the Nintendo Revolution.

The tentative release day for the Nintendo Revolution [] is provided on for June 15, 2006. The total cost of conversion to United States bucks would be around $365. European video game console prices have a tendency to be a little bit priced a greater than in North America, but this still appears a little bit costly offered the Xbox‘s $299-$399 price. From just what we recognize so much the Nintendo Revolution will be less technologically innovative than the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

Based on the GameCube‘s 2001 launch cycle– it got here in Europe six months after it debuted in North America. This leakage provides credence to reports that the Revolution can see a surprise 2005 launch in Canada as well as the US.

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