Flag Football Fun


Flag Football Fun

Flag football tournaments are popping up in every city and town throughout North America. Flag football is similar to the American NFL type of tackle football. The difference with flag football is that there is no tackling of the player to the ground. Rather, in flag football, a player from the defensive team must try to remove a flag that is on a flag belt of the ball carrier.

This new and exciting sport has a variety of variations that include 4 to 9 players on each side, single gender or coed teams, games without punting or kicking, and various field sizes. In another variation, it may be an option to have the lineman catch a pass which is not allowed in either the CFL or NFL. Some flag football tournaments allow contact such as blocking while others do not.

Flag football has a very strong amateur following, and there are various international and national competitions and tournaments held throughout the year. These tournaments will be sponsored by various companies or associations. Teams may play in an intercity league and then have the option to travel to various flag football tournaments throughout the country.

In the United States and Canada, the majority of flag football leagues for adults are organized through the recreation department of their city or town. Flag football is also becoming a very popular sport for pickup games where players have an opportunity to play with and against other players that they may not know.

One tournament that is held on the Memorial Day weekend in the United States has more than 600 teams involved. This tournament is for four on four flag football, and it is divided into 42 divisions. Older players, younger players, female players, and male players can all compete in this well-organized tournament.

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